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Scholarship Information

As I receive scholarships, I will list them on this page. You can also search for private scholarships at

Scholarship Information

Scholarship Information

Info Deadline
FAFSA - Free Application for Federal Student Aid

You can begin the application on October 1

Go to College Board’s Website, then scroll down to the Scholarships to check out the many scholarship opportunities available.
Celebrating Texas Public Schools Competition/Scholarship:  Friends of Texas Public Schools will award one graduating senior, from a Friends of Texas Public Schools Network school district, a $2500 scholarship.  The application is open for graduating seniors joining the workforce, continuing education through trade schools/military or other forms of post-secondary training, as well as a college-bound graduate. Go to for more information, and to apply. 
October 30th

Coca-Cola is proud to invest in communities through the CokeScholars Program. HS seniors, apply now through Oct. 31 at 5 pm EDT for a $20,000 college scholarship!  Students need a 3.0 GPA and to fill out an online application that requires no essays, no recommendations, and no transcripts


More info:


October 31th
The scholarship list will be updated as scholarships come in. Each time a scholarship is received, there will be a list posted in all of the teachers classrooms so that the student will be able to see what is available and the deadlines the scholarships are due. There will be a parent financial aid meeting after the first of the year to discuss grants, scholarships, and loans. Also the FAFSA will be discussed as well. More information will follow.